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If you want to give your guests an exclusive day, the choice of a location is definitely up to you. Villas, castles, manor houses, the choice is vast. Do not be influenced by those who will tell you “but a catering service will never be the same as a restaurant”, in reality it is not true, now caterers are better equipped to cook on site, so the dishes are not only heated but prepared on the spot as the restaurant. No doubt the choice of a location, whatever it is, allows guests to experience a unique event, with an original and unusual atmosphere which is different from what we would have in a posh restaurant, even if it is the best in the area, because there it is always possible to dine.

When choosing the the venue, in addition to considering the beauty of the place, the possibility of using a garden, a courtyard or forecourt, also think about these factors:

– Distance from the ceremony (church or town)

-Speed of service (very important that the seated part is not longer than 1 ½ hours)

-Variety of menus offered (the presence of seasonal dishes is very important to the menu)

-Price, which should be in the average, and include everything (always ask if VAT is included or excluded, if it includes the wedding cake, chair covers, in the location of chairs and tables)

– Parking


-Air conditioning and heating (if the wedding is in winter)

If you have opted for one of the wonderful villas that the Marche offers, contact the best catering and ask for a sample. Most serious professionals will offer you a super dinner to test their chef’s cuisine, always ask if the tasting is offered or not, so as not to get any nasty surprises (some even speculate on that). Check their buffet book, see how they decorate their plates, the wedding cakes that they propose, even how they set up the tables is a good indicator of professionalism. Do not get too captivated by the majestic garden that you see already set up with your decorated tables, even if you are getting married in July!


The location should offer small halls or a salon-style country house! Always think about the bad weather element when choosing the venue, because even if your wedding is in high summer you never know! So ask and explore the interior of the villas, find out about their own capacity or if you’re in love with this beautiful garden that doesn’t have an adequate indoor solution , opt for the hire of a marquee.

You have chosen your restaurant or your villa and caterers, if you’ve decided for a religious marriage, go to the church to ask your pastor if the date is available, or go to the registry office.

Inquire also about procedures for civil or religious documents to be prepared, if you have not done the marriage counseling course then you should also ask about dates, because without this course the church will not let you get married! We have the church or town hall, the reception venue, we are already well under way!

The next step is to choose the photographer, in the next articles we’ll speak about it, keep on follow us…

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