Have you chosen a villa or simply decided to have your most important day in your friend’s garden?

You are left with nothing but choosing the caterers and menu.

The raw materials are selected and in season, the recipes are traditional but with a touch of innovation and creativity!

Be amazed and delighted by our buffet rich in starters, with typical local flavours, sea food crudites, foods fried
as you watch, cheeses and innovative molecular cuisine. We can offer sushi and ethnic corners, flambé chef and hot seafood starters, and mozzarella cheese made to order by the dairymen.

Following that there will be two courses served at the tables, respecting the rythm of the wedding!

The cutting of the cake is accompanied with an amazing fruit display and every kind of dessert. There is a huge range of tastes and decorations which can also be personalised, made by the best pastry chefs in the region.

After dinner liquers are a must, and can also be served at a cigar table, with rum and chocolate, ir in a relaxing area with teas and herbal infusions!

There is also the possibility to continue the party after dinner with an open bar.