Placeholders and favors

We create original placeholder for weddings: pies that can be felt funny magnets and then used as Favor, scented crayons to be used as laundry smells, small flowers in pots that can become some nice
Contact, are cheap, impact and different from the usual placeholder.
For placeholder we mean a small object / particular, that can also become a Favor, you bring to the table, one for each invited. We know that the latest trends in favor of donations to charities but it is
always important to match a small Favor as a thank you to our guests or those who paid tribute to a present. Below are some examples of what we can do for you.
We also work with the cooperative “Sowing Dreams” that makes handmade works by employing the disabled and ablebodied,
employment in the orientation of the Centre “The Compass” Arche and
Cooperatives Youth House. This choice allows you to participate in a noble goal, as the association and at the same time make a small gift to your guests. The boys of Sowing Dreams have a small shop at Clairvaux (AN) but if you have any special requests will endeavor to fulfill them, objects can customize your card details, colors, written and what is to your liking. Let us guide you in selecting a little souvenir, tasteful and refined without necessarily spending a fortune. We have many ideas for
you and we’ll make or help you in choosing the most of what is right for you, not be discounted but giving a touch of originality to your wedding deserves! Thread that is started with investments will conclude with a small memento that your guests will bring home and that will be distinctive of your wedding.

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